There are Many Advantages for Using a Gas Fireplace

A fireplace has a way of bringing friends and family together. It can set the mood in a room while providing heat at the same time. While a wood-burning fireplace is a nice addition to any home, a gas fireplace is also a functional source of heat. Gas does have its advantages though, as it’s safer to use and requires less upkeep.

Wood or Gas

Traditionally, most fireplaces have been wood-burning. While a wood-burning fireplace does a great job of heating up a room, it requires constant supervision to keep sparks confined. Besides the need to continually observe it, cleaning a wood-burning fireplace after using it can be messy and difficult since the ashes and soot must be scooped out and disposed of. A gas unit, however, is safer to operate and maintain, since no residual debris is produced during the heating process.

Advantages of Gas

There are many styles of gas operated fireplaces including inbuilt gas log fires and free-standing gas log fires. When compared to a wood-burning fireplace, a gas operated fireplace is safer to use since it doesn’t have ashes and embers to worry about. Gas is clean burning, so the risk of a chimney fire is virtually nonexistent when compared to a wood-burning fireplace. Besides being a safer option, gas log fires do an incredible job of heating up a room.

Inbuilt Gas Log Fires

An inbuilt gas log fire is a unit that can be recessed into a wall, so it often gives the appearance of being a piece of art. This type of fireplace is often used as a focal point in a room, and its sheer elegance draws people to it. An inbuilt fireplace works well in a modern or contemporary space, as well in a room with limited square footage since it doesn’t use up any valuable floor space.

Free-Standing Gas Log Fires

A free-standing gas log fire can work in any design plan. This type of fireplace is a standout in a room with its sleek contemporary finish. Free-standing units can be placed anywhere in a space, even in the middle of a room, if so desired.

A fireplace that’s fueled by gas can add the charm of a wood-burning fireplace but without the upkeep that a wood-burning unit requires. Gas heats up quickly and shuts down just as fast. For convenience and safety, gas log fires come out on top.